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An Evening to Celebrate 150 Years of Live Theatre in Dalton, including a reading of The Green Mountain Boy

An Evening to Celebrate 150 Years of Live Theatre in Dalton, including a reading of:

The Green Mountain Boy

written by J.S. Jones

Directed by Jennifer Jones

The production will consist of two acts. The first act will be a walk down memory lane, reviewing the history of theatre in Dalton and several performances by familiar faces from the DLT family.

The second act will be a reading of The Green Mountain Boy, the first documented stage production in Dalton, which was performed on October 4th, 1869.

The Green Mountain Boy synopsis:
Mr. Tompkins has money. Mr. Wilkins has a title. If Mr. Tompkins marries off his daughter, Ellen, to Mr. Wilkins, then both will have both. But Ellen has other plans. So begins this comedy filled with down-home humor, false identities, and a mix of quirky characters ranging from Joe Shakespeare, a self-professed poet, to Jedediah Homebred, who thinks he "knows a little something about grammar," and has "an inexhaustible supply of homespun sayings."

Originally premiering at Park Theater, New York City, March 19, 1833, The Green Mountain Boy: A Comedy in Two Acts was performed on October 4, 1969 by the Dalton Amateurs, the theater group who, after several decades and generations would come to be known as Dalton Little Theatre. October 4, 2019, 150 years to the date, will be the opening night of DLT's performance of this same play as a staged reading. It will be the second half of an evening celebrating DLT's 150 year birthday. The celebration event will be repeated on October 5th.