Upcoming Auditions

The Gnome King Takes a Bride

by Catherine bolden

Directed by catherine bolden

Auditions will be in May: Sunday the 19th (2:00P-5:00P) and Monday the 20th (6:00P-9:00P), with possible call backs on Tuesday the 21st (6:00P-9:00P).

The Gnome King Takes a Bride is a Swashbuckling Adventure Fairytale featuring love, deceptions, Wizened Wizards, Adorable Children, Spoiled Rotten Princesses, a dashing Handsome Prince chasing a Sparkling Heroine, and - the filthiest gnome in all the land - the Lovelorn King Gnomenax of the Gnominous Mountains and his Badboy Band of Gnarlous Gnomes!

Zinging a rollicking musical score, the high energy Gnome King Takes a Bride! delivers dangerous adventure, noble romance, and outrageous comedy! Previous smash hit productions rocked total sell-outs, playing sold-out houses every night.

SETTING is Fairytale Magic!
The tale is set in that misty medieval time, somewhere between Fairytales and Vikings. From the deep darkness of the Gnominous Mountains to Sunny Padua Palaces – and back again!

Many speaking, singing, and solo roles for a very large cast. A large number of roles allow casting flexibility to cast the best performer for the role regardless of age. All roles are speaking roles and wild comedy!

Roles For : Comedians, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Acrobats and Shameless Show-offs!
Age Range : Eight to Ancient, Families Welcome!

If you're ancient and hilarious, or say, young and have never cleaned your room, you’re perfect for The Gnome King Takes a Bride!

No need to prepare, we will teach you!

Wear clothes you can move in!
Show includes Stage Combat, Dance, Tumbling, Spontaneous Pratfalls…..

Close toed shoes, dance shoes, and tennis shoes are appropriate
[no flips or sandals].

First Round Auditions are progressive with start times on Sunday at 2:00 and Monday at 6:00. We thank you for arriving at the Audition Start Time!

First Round Auditions, choose a day :
Sunday May 19, 2:00-5:00
Monday May 20, 6:00-9:00

Tuesday May 21, 6:00-9:00
Posted by noon Tuesday

[Only if needed!]
Wednesday May 22 OR Thursday May 23, 6:00-9:00 MORE SPECIFICS ABOUT ROLES

Speaking Lines for all Roles

The Gnarlous Gnomes
Not smart but they think they are. Gnomes leave their filthy cave in search of a bride who will clean. Cause that’s what love is, right?
Gnomenax is their King. He knows he’s good-lookin’.

The Spoil-ed Roi-yal Princesses of Hope Hall
Spoiled rotten tantrum throwers, they yearn for a dangerous Knight in Shining Armor to marry. As a side note, they know nothing about cleaning. Or love. Or danger either for that matter.

Prince Alexander Dashell Trueheart, Our Hero
He loves to hunt, hates the love and does not want to marry anybody.
Woppy, His servant, a perfectionist. A hapless Rule-Follower trapped in a World of Chaos.

The Zanni Commedia Theatre Troupe
Intelligensia,Our Heroine thinks love is silly ‘Theatrical Romance.’
Theo, Master Thespian and Elder Statesman, runs the show.
Malvolio, Plays the “Eville Villaine” Parts.
Dumbro, Youngest and lowest member of the Troupe. Plays the “Creature Parts” and isn’t happy about it.
Beggar, Last hired in. Become’s Dumbro’s minion and prop hauler.

The Royal Court of Hope Hall, Villagers of Padua
King Hope of Hope Hall, long-suffering peace-maker raising unruly daughters.
Queen Hope, The desperation of marrying off those princesses might just have split her personality in two…
Palace Herald, Runs the court while training –
Apprenticed Naughty Nieces and Nephews
Service Master, The Germinator of Germs, commands-
The Vicious Clean Team

Frightened Courting Princes and their Desperate Families
The Intrepid Villagers of Market Square sell Magic to All!

Divorce, Southern Style

by jeniffer jarrett

Directed by ronald king

Presented by special arrangement with

Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New york

Auditions will be in April: Sunday the 7th (2:30P-5:30P), Monday the 8th (5:30P-7:30P), and Tuesday the 9th (5:30P-7:30P).

Rehearsals will begin the same week as auditions.

Production Dates: June 7th (Fri), 8th (Sat), 9th (Sun), 13th (Thur), 14th (Fri), and 15th (Sat).

Audition Instructions:
Auditions will be readings from the script. No prior experience required. Roles for men and women of various ages. Please come during the audition times, fill out a brief form with your information and the director will then give you details on how their auditions will run. Arrive early to give yourself and the director plenty of time for your audition. 

Cast Details:

Eleanor Bander - Strong-willed and struggling to deal with a mid-life crisis. A sense of humor, heightened sense of drama, and spontaneous. Actress needs to have strong, good comedic timing.

Elma Blue - Novelist. Very tongue-in-cheek with a wonderful sense of humor. Sarcastic, level-headed with a bit of the flair for the dramatic.

Dr. Fred Abernathy - Optometrist. Bland, self-conscious, and possibly a little on the stalker side. Married, but seems to be okay with admiring other women.

Elizabeth - Eleanor's daughter. Sharp, sensible, and somewhat stressed as her wedding date nears. Inherited stubbornness from her mother, and is shy of marriage, probably because her parents divorced.

Walter Bander - Successful businessman. Smart, loves his daughter, can be swayed by emotion, but not often. Can be as stubborn as his ex-wife, Eleanor.

Vince Sigmon - Elizabeth's fiancée. High School biology teacher. A genuinely good guy who has reached his limit of patience.

Gretchen Hiller - Rather dim, curious, and gossipy.

Synopsis: An established favorite with stock theatres, this fast-paced, wildly funny farce centers on the zany schemes of a middle-aged divorcee who decides that the time is ripe to get back together with her ex-husband. Divorced for fifteen years, and running low on cash, Eleanor Bander decides reconciliation with her ex-husband (whose second wife died the year before) is her best hope. To lure him within striking range, she tells him that their daughter is about to be married—hinting that it is a forced situation—when the truth is that the daughter is merely engaged again (for the fifth time) to her long-standing fiancé. The ex-husband, Walter, not only arrives but brings along his current flame, a former classmate who was Eleanor's competition from high-school days. As the plot thickens, which it does with growing hilarity, Eleanor's friends and neighbors become involved in the action, culminating in a sur-prise birthday party where the truth, at last, comes out. But Walter is pre-pared to forgive and forget, and falls easily into Eleanor's trap. So easily, in fact, that Eleanor is the one who now has second thoughts—deciding that it is better, after all, to stay single and broke than to resume the bickering that drove her away from Walter in the first place.